VDC-30 Long-range Video/Data/RC Wireless Transmission System

VDC-30, a long-range wireless transmission system, is designed for VTOL fixed wing and other long-range drones. The system can transmit video, fight control data, gimbal control data, and RC data simultaneously. With the advantage of high level intergration and powerful function, VDC-30 is a typical good product to meet long-range transmission requirements.

There are two frequency bands——800MHz and 1.4GHz. Users can choose according to your needs. Please choose the suitable frequency band according to local regulations.

The weight of VDC-30 is 143g, making it very suitable for long-range drones. With advanced radio frequency and encryption technology, VDC-30 can achieve long distance secure transmission. The maximum transmission distance of VDC-30 can reach 34km.

VDC-30 has a powerful data and video processing platform, users can call the VDC-30 SDK software interface through the host or embedded processing platform to achieve personalized needs. Users only need to pass simple parameters through the SDK to achieve the functions of gimbal control, speaking, throwing, etc