USV for Inland Waters

This USV has been especially designed to carry out tele-operated or autonomous inspection, survey and modelling missions in shallow inland waters and harbour areas.

Main Features

Control: Remote control through Wifi 5GHz
Dimensions : 1,8m x 1m x 1,2m
Weight: 50kg (without payload)
Max speed. : 4 knots
Range: 1km, back-up radio link 2,4 GHz
Propulsion and power supply

Thrusters: 2 outboard electrical motors
Batteries: Li-Ion accumulators (4h autonomy)

Operator interface: Laptop + joystick and automatic navigation modes
Navigation: Front and rear HD color video cameras, compass, GPS positioning (RTK in option)
Display: video/sonar images display on control PC, position and trajectory display on all types of maps (Google Earth, etc.)