S2 Embedded Artificial Intelligence Computer

S2 is a fully-featured embedded platform for AI computing. It provides both high processing capabilities and high energy efficiency. S2 carries one of the most powerful mobile computing core modules, NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and it brings artificial intelligence to edge devices. In addition, a variety of computer vision algorithm acceleration SDK are provided on S2 platform.


Dual Gigabit Ethernet port

High-Performance Active Cooling System

Compact Small Size, Easy to Deploy on Autonomous Robot

-20~60℃ Working Temperature

WiFi Supported

Operating System: Ubuntu18.04, Jetpack 4.2.2

Software Functions:

1. Supports laser radar, Ethernet or USB port camera, IMU and other sensor access; pre-installed a variety of sensor drivers, eliminating the need for driver development

2. Provides acceleration SDK based on open source algorithm YOLOV3 and API

3. Provides open source SLAM algorithm installation support

4. Provides support in ROS robot system installation

5. Provides instructions on software framework installation

6. Provides installation support in Jetson platform development tools

7. After-sales technical support team, greatly shortens the development cycle