PATH ROVER UGV Mecanum Wheel Robot ROS navigation with Lidar for Research

PATH ROVER is equipped with LiDAR, depth camera, high-precision positioning module, on-board computer and other equipment, while also reserves interfaces for users’ extended application. Therefore, the functions such as indoor and outdoor high-precision positioning, SLAM mapping, path planning, automatic navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance can be achieved greatly.

The combination of rubber pneumatic wheels and Mecanum wheels enables PATH ROVER to not only have an ability to handle complex road conditions but also realize pivot turning on most grounds with fast response speed, small turning radius and high control accuracy.

The open source code is provided and the software is continuously updated to provide users a better experience. For university teaching, laboratory research, and product prototypes, PATH ROVER is a good choice.

Your Purchase Includes:

1x PATH ROVER chassis
1x Battery and charger
1x Pixhawk 4 flight controller
1x Remote controller
1x WIFI Data transmission system
1X Intel X86 on-board computer
1x Intel RealSense T265+D435i depth camera