MS600 Series Multispectral Camera

MS600 series multispectral camera is a light, compact and professional camera available for drones, which includes 2 Versions: MS600 V2 and MS600 Pro.

MS600 series camera has 6 multispectral sensors with 1.2Megapixels to recognize six specific bands of light including blue, green, red, dual red-edge, near infrared, capture invisible images to meet the needs of different industries such as crop condition monitoring, resource investigation, water quality monitoring, river ecology and target recognition etc.(*17 optional wavelength bands, contact us to customize).

Besides the multispectral camera, the MS600 series camera includes one downwelling light sensor(DLS) which enables measurement of ambient light during flight for more accurate data in varying light conditions; The DLS also has a built-in GPS module to measure camera position and attitude during the flight and record it in the image metadata for post-processing.