M11 Wireless Megaphone System

The megaphone features lightweight and simple size, which makes it easy to be carried and installed. The power consumption is about 3-8W. It supports real-time broadcasting, MP3 player(recording and playback) and plays 3 types of warnings and sirens. The airborne end uses a non-magnetic horn. And the audio transmission distance is about 5km, which can install a range increase mode to extend the distance to 15km. This megaphone system can be applied in many fields like traffic dispersion, police negotiation, search and rescue etc.



Megaphone weight: 135g


Power: 100W

Transmission distance: 5km(with range increase mode, can be extended to 15km)

Sound Strength: max.≧110db

Power: built-in battery

Battery duration: ≧60 minutes



Real-time broadcasting

Play 3 types of warnings and sirens

MP3 player (recording and playback)