L200 Lighting Device

The L200 lighting device has the advantages of small size, light weight, quick-detach design, and controllable light source. There are three modes of the searchlight: hard light, weak light and strobe. The highlight of this lighting device is the design of the electronically controlled motor stabilization system and the damping ball, which greatly increases the stability of the airborne lighting device. It can be quickly disassembled and assembled in just one minute. The L200 lighting device can be applied in many fields like night public security search, fire patrol inspection, auxiliary rescue and relief operations, etc.


Size: 198x178x105mm

Material: 7075 Aviation Aluminum

Weight: 1KG

Rated power: 30W

Rated brightness: 4000 lumens

Spot diameter: 3 meters

Color temperature: 6500K

Effective illumination distance: 300 meters

Control signal type: PWM signal control

Stabilization mode: Electronically controlled motor stabilization