CUAV V5+ Flight Controller with NEO V2 Pro GNSS

CUAV V5+ with NEO V2 Pro GNSS is an advanced flight controller set designed and made by CUAV. V5+ is built with five sets of sensors, including triple-redundant IMU, a compass and a barometer. The flight controller monitors real time data that’s transferred from each sensor. In the event of a failure, the redundant sensor acts as a “backup plan” in a instant to ensure flight safety. The board of v5+ is based on FMUv5 open hardware design, the external interface uses Dronecode standard pinouts, and modular design that allows users to design its backplane.

Based on UAVCAN communication protocol, CUAV NEO V2 Pro is a GNSS positioning system that integrates industrial-grade compass, barometer, flight controller status light, buzzer, and safety switch in one, featuring high anti-interference capability equipped with industrial grade RM3100 sensor. The built-in high precision barometer adapts to different application scenarios. NEO V2 Pro adopts dual filtering design, effectively filtering out the interference singal from remote controllers, digital transmission, and 4G signals on GPS positioning reception.