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ROS Open Source
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AI Robot

Provide cost-effective and high-quality ROS-based unmanned ground vehicle equipment, which can greatly shorten your hardware development time.

Robot Accessories

We also have excellent robot accessories, such as batteries, motors, mecanum wheels, depth camera, etc., that every student and technology company can afford.

Customized Service

Delivering personalized services that cater to the exact needs and wants of the customer..

Lizarbot ROS Robot Car

Based on ROS development, this robot platform is designed with Mecanum wheel, which can realize functions such as map navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, LiDAR follow, visual follow, visual line tracking, and APP image transmission.


It is equipped with LiDAR, depth camera, high-precision positioning module, on-board computer and other equipment, while also reserves interfaces for users’ extended application.

Diamond Series Li-ion Battery

Compared with traditional battery, Diamond li-ion battery achieves both safety and performance improvement, which features high energy density, high discharge rate and high safety performance, small size and light weight.

Our Company

“This is an excellent kit for an introduction to robotics and Arduino.”

Janet Morris

“If you have kids who love computers and robots, get this!”

Willie Brown

“Nicely done product ! Everything was in the box as advertised. Support was pretty quick too”

Sean Fisher

What Drives Us

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